The Founders

In 1997 Pisco Viejo Tonel was founded by William Temoche Solis, Bladimir Cardenas, and Luis Pisconte Bravo. The three founders of Viejo Tonel decided to create a premium Pisco that would set the standard for a consistently high quality Pisco.

William Temoche Solis is from the north of Peru and has worked as a wine importer and businessman. He has also qualified and served as a judge in Pisco tastings and competitions. Bladimir Cardenas is from the highlands of Peru and is an entrepreneur specializing in Finance and Marketing. Luis Pisconte Bravo is from Ica and comes from a family with generations of experience distilling quality Pisco. The founders decided to combine their individual skills and began their enterprise.

While sitting on old barrels and discussing their vision for producing a premium Pisco, they joined forces and set out on their adventure. They named their Pisco, Viejo Tonel, or “Old Barrel”. In the fifteen years after the founding of Viejo Tonel, they achieved their dream and have won 131 medals in competitions throughout the world. This is only the beginning of their quest.