Why we win

In 1997, Viejo Tonel was founded with a single goal of producing a premium Pisco at a time when there was a wide disparity in the quality of Pisco in Peru. In a short time, Viejo Tonel set the standard for quality Pisco and reached a level of quality and consistency unmatched by other producers. Today, Viejo Tonel continues to set the standard in Peru and the world.

Producing premium Pisco runs in our blood. Luis Pisconte, one of the founders of Viejo Tonel, is a fourth generation son of a family that has produced quality Piscos in Ica. Decades of tradition and knowledge were utilized to establish the method for producing Pisco Viejo Tonel.

The best Pisco starts with the best grapes and we purchased the best vines we could find when the vineyard was established. It then continues with the proper cultivation of our grapes. Since we grow all the grapes used in our Piscos we can guarantee the consistent quality of our Piscos. We meticulously care for the vines from pruning to harvest using organic and sustainable methods. We monitor our grapes from when they begin growing until they are harvested, ensuring high quality year after year after year. We control every aspect of the production process of our Piscos, using historic copper stills and maintaining high quality standards. Our imported bottles from Italy, our corks from Spain and our unique labels combine to present our finished Piscos.

Other Piscos may have fancy bottles or creative names, but only Pisco Viejo Tonel delivers the Premium Peruvian Pisco year after year.